Constitution & By-Laws

Threatening Weather Notification

In the event of threatening weather, the Referee is to contact the school after 2:00 PM and talk directly to the AD, Principal, or Head Coach. Do not accept the status of the game from anyone else other than one of these three people. If the game is rescheduled, the Referee is to contact the RSO first and then the crew. When the RSO is the first to be notified by a school that their game will be postponed and rescheduled, he will contact the crew by text message and will follow-up with a telephone call to the Referee if necessary. Once notified, crew members are to contact the Referee indicating that they have received the text message. It will be the responsibility of the Referee to confirm that his entire crew has received the notification of the game change.

Playoff Dress Code

Sport Coat recommended for Rounds 1 & 2 and required for Rounds 3 & 4.  Coat and Tie required for State Championship.


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