Play of the Week

Play 1   K, 4th and 10, on the K18.  K20’s punt is blocked and is rolling on the K2 when K20 kicks the ball out of his own endzone.  RULING:

Play 2   A, first and 10, on the A10.  A1 throws and illegal forward pass that falls incomplete.  The pass is thrown from (a) A’s endzone (b) the A6 (c) the A22.  RULING:

Play 3   A, first and goal, on the B8.  A22 runs for a touchdown.  During the run, A64 is flagged for holding in B’s endzone.  RULING:

Play 4   A, first and 10, on the A20.  A1’s pass is caught by A89 at the A30.  A89 is hit and fumbles at the A35.  A13 recovers at the A33.  B12 is flagged for roughing the passer.  RULING:

Play 5   A, first and 10, on the A20.  A6 runs to the A25 and fumbles.  While the ball is loose, B64 holds A77 at the (a) A30 (b) A10.  A4 recovers the fumble and advances to the 50 yardline.  RULING:

Play 6   B17 intercepts a pass in his own endzone and runs to the B6 where his is hit and fumbles.  B38 recovers (a) at the B4 (b) in the endzone.  While the ball was loose, B3 is flagged for holding at the B4.  RULING:

Play 7   Free kick from the K40.  While the kick is in flight, K1 grabs R1’s facemask.  R19 catches the kick at the R5 and returns to the R20.  During the run, R55 clips at the R14.  RULING:

Play 8   4th and 5 from the K30, K9 punts the ball downfield where it is grounded and touched by K88 (first touching) at the R30. The ball continues rolling and is picked up by R35 at the R25. R35 is subsequently hit and fumbles at the R28. The loose ball is recovered by K88 on the ground at the R26. During the kick, R55 is flagged for holding.  RULING:

Play 9   With the score B-7 and A-6, it is second and goal from the B9. The clock is stopped due to an incomplete pass with four seconds remaining in the game. A1's pass into the end zone is intercepted by B1 who runs to the B30 where he is tackled. Following the interception and during the run by B1, there is clipping in the end zone by B2. Time expires during the run. RULING:

Play 10   Near the end of the third period, A, third and 4, on the B48. A1 advances to the B45 and during the run, there is holding by B1. The penalty is accepted. At the end of the down there are three seconds remaining in the period. Because the penalty was the only reason for the clock to be stopped, it is started with the ready-for-play signal and the period ends before A snaps the ball.  RULING:

Play 11   A, third and 8, on the A30. A1’s pass is intercepted by B2. Prior to the interception, B1 is flagged for defensive pass interference. After the ball is intercepted by B2, the covering official blows an inadvertent whistle with B2 in possession at the B40.  RULING:ay

Play 12   K, 4th and 12, on the R45. K8's punt is rolling on the R16 when an inadvertent whistle sounds. R76 blocks K84 in the back on the R22 during the down and prior to the whistle.  RULING:

Play 13  B54's helmet comes completely off while trying to legally tackle runner A32, who does not go down immediately after the contact.  As A32 drags B54 for a few yards, A76 blocks B54.  RULING:

Play 14  B54's helmet comes completely off while trying to legally tackle runner A32, who fumbles the ball nearby upon contact.  B54 (a) without disengaging, completes his immediate action of attempting to tackle A32 and upon contacting the ground, ends up in possession of the ball; (b) disengages immediately from A32 and tries to recover the fumble.  RULING:

Play 15  A, third and 7, on the B30.  A12 leaps near the sideline to attempt to catch a pass near the B30.   Airborne A12 possesses the pass when he is (a) knocked backwards by B22 and lands outside the sideline at the B32; or (b) is carried off the field by B22 and lands out of bounds.  RULING:

Play 16  Team A's coach is using an iPad on the sideline.  He uses the iPad to share information with players who are gathered with him during a timeout between the 9-yard marks.  RULING:

Play 17  The ball is on the 50 yard line with 10 yards to go for a first down.  The down indicator erroneously indicates fourth down and K punts on what is actually (a) third down or (b) fifth down.  R15 returns the punt for an apparent touchdown.  Prior to the try, it is brought to the attention of the officials that the down indicator was wrong.  RULING:




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